Welcome to the first issue of the Forchelli Environmental Law Blog.  Our purpose will be to combine environmental law news with analysis to provide a balanced understanding of the environmental issues facing businesses today.  We will discuss developments in the law that affect obligations or potential liabilities under specific environmental programs (e. g . CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Air Act) as well as developments in environmental issues that go beyond specific programs such as Climate Change and Sustainable Development.  Readers should also expect to see a significant amount of analysis so that we will not just be discussing new cases, we will be discussing new ideas regarding not so new cases.  For example, in our first issue, we provide a short summary of an article published in the most recent issue of the University of Baltimore Law Review.   Opinions stated in this blog are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the Firm.   Readers may also submit content in the form of news, analysis or feedback.   We thank you for visiting our blog and look forward to thoughtful discussion of the issues with you.

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